September 5- September 8

September 5- September 8

Independent Reading:  Next 50 pages with summary/response due Monday, September 11 

Unit Test in Social Studies on “A New Nation” on Thursday and Friday.

  English Social Studies
Tues, 9/5

Review Vocabulary List Four

Write “Charles” response for grade

Review Boston Massacre and write newspaper article presenting both sides. 
Wed, 9/6

Direct and Indirect Characterization with “A Game of Catch”  

Response:  Is Scho a Winner or a loser?

Watch video segment on BostonTea Party, read “Chapter 10:  Boston Tea Party and Intolerable Acts” and “Eyewitness Account of George Hewes” and defend the colonists’ actions. 
Thurs, 9/7

Static and Dynamic Characters with “All the Years of Her Life”  

Response:  Who is the dynamic character and what does he or she learn? 

Who is the dynamic character in “Charles”?  

Unit Test Part One 
Fri, 9/8

Quiz Vocabulary List Four

Writer’s Workshop to complete open response on either “A Game of Catch” or “All the Years of Her Life” prompts.  


Unit Test Part Two 



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