September 11- September 15

September 11- September 15

  English Social Studies 
Monday, 9/11

Lesson on Irony 

Read “Ransom of Red Chief” and explain how the use of irony adds to the comedic tone.  

Introduction to documentary filmmaking with Ken Burns videos on story and Ken Burns effect.  

Introduction to Sons of Liberty with infographic. 

Tuesday, 9/12

Review concept of Irony 

Read “The Necklace” and explain how the use of irony creates drama in the story.  

Watch video biographies of five Sons of Liberty participants and describe the extraordinary element of each man’s story.  

HW:  Quiz tomorrow on videos.  

Wednesday, 9/13

Mini-lesson on leads. 

Writing workshop to compare the use of irony in “Ransom of Red Chief” and “The Necklace” 

HW:  Irony essay due Friday.  Bring printed copy.  

Read “Terms of Estrangement” 

Annotate text and answer comprehension questions. 

Thursday, 9/14

 Lesson on symbolism 

Read “The Scarlet Ibis” to identify the symbol in the story and explain how this symbol supports the theme.  

HW:  Irony essay due Friday.  Bring printed copy.  

Finish reading “Terms of Estrangement”

Listen to Hamilton’s bachelor party song.  

Brainstorm ideas for an establishing a narrative in a historical setting for the Sons of Liberty.  

Friday, 9/15

 Lesson on theme 

Read “The Phoenix” and write a theme statement. 

Writing Workshop 

Battle of Lexington:  History Channel video, Vimeo lesson, Digital History: Chap 11 reading.   Learn both history and documentary moviemaking in preparation for project.  

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