Dolores Frazer
Team Blue English 8

The Newseum, Washington D.C. 2013
The Newseum, Washington D.C. 2013

Welcome students and families!  Many of you may know me already since I have probably had siblings or relatives come through my class.  This is my eleventh year at Ashland Middle School, but I have been teaching for almost twenty. Before settling at Ashland, I taught at both middle and high school levels in Shrewsbury and Nashoba.  I am also certified as a Reading Specialist (K-12) and Curriculum Director.  

My mission is to give students the tools they need to be successful in a world that very probably will look entirely different in fifteen years than it does today.  I hope to inspire a love of reading, learning, and doing through highly engaging units.  

Through the course of the year, students will consider our history, contemporary society, and the future and, hopefully, they will begin to discover their own passions and talents that they can use to contribute to creating a better world and a satisfying life.

Course Expectations 

Here is a copy of the Course Expectations 2014

The AMS behavioral model is RESPECT AND RESPONSIBILTY.  Below is a guide to the classroom expectations which are basic rules to live by.

Classroom Rules


Homework Reminders

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