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Month: October 2017

October 30- November 3

October 30- November 3

  ELA Social Studies 
Mon, Oct 30

Vocabulary True Grit List 1 sentence completion activity

How to begin an autobiographical incident: 

  • dialogue 
  • action
  • character sketch
Review test from Friday 
Tues, Oct 31

Vocabulary True Grit List 1 review 

Writing Mini Lesson:  Explode a Moment 

Writer’s Workshop/Conferences 

To Sign or Not to Sign the Constitution:  The Debate over Ratification (Federalist v Anti-Federalist)

Wed, Nov 1  Writer’s Workshop for Autobiographical Incident due Friday.  Crash Course videos on the power of Judicial Review, with concentration on Marbury v Madison 
Thurs, Nov 2

 Writer’s Workshop for Autobiographical Incident due tomorrow


Review Articles of Constitution for checks and balances.   

How a bill becomes a law with scene from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Fri, Nov 3  12 Angry Men Act II with movie version comparison   Legal jargon, review Bill of Rights and Judicial Review 
October 23- October 27

October 23- October 27

  English Social Studies 
Mon, Oct 23 Writer’s Workshop to review character sketch and dialogue segment.   Describe the structure and responsibilities of the three branches U.S. Government by reading Chapters 15-16 We the People
Tues, Oct 24  Writer’s Workshop to produce draft  

Describe the structure and responsibilities of the three branches U.S. Government by watching educational videos and completing a double bubble organizer comparing information presented. 

Note how videos are produced.   

Wed, Oct 25  Writer’s Workshop to produce draft    Summarize each of the first 10 Amendments that make up the Bill of Rights, the process for amending the Constitution, and the importance that the issue of a Bill of Rights had on ratification by watching videos produced by Bill of Rights Foundation and preparing a viewing guide. 
Thurs, Oct 26

 Revision Tools:  Explode a Moment 

Peer Edit:  Rally Coach 

  • Job 1:  Color Code Dialogue 
  • Job 2: Identify descriptive writing techniques.  
Compare Federalist and Antifederalist points of view with “To Sign or Not to Sign” Role Play activity 
Fri, Oct 27  Writing Workshop to make revisions   Evaluate speeches by Ben Franklin (to Congress) and George Washington (intro to Constitution) for similarities with Federalist viewpoint and completing a double bubble organizer.  
October 16- October 20

October 16- October 20

  English  Social Studies 
Mon, Oct 16

Wordly Wise List 1

Descriptive Writing Techniques Lesson 

Color Coding Activity with “When I Was Puerto Rican” 


Explain how the states governed themselves after the Revolution by reading Chapter 10 in We the People
Tues, Oct 17

Wordly Wise List 1

Round Table Stories inspired by prompts

Crafting a plot:  

  • What’s the problem?
  • What’s the big deal?
  • What’s the emotion?

HW:  Bring photo and talk to parents to finalize topic selection to get details.  


Explain how the Articles of Confederation organized the first government by reading Chapter 11 in We the People
Wed, Oct 18

Wordly Wise List 1

Characterization with Roald Dahl

Writing Workshop: writing a snapshot 

Explain the issues resolved by the Connecticut Compromise by watching Acts I and II of Madison Foundation film Constitutional Convention as Four Act Play

Thurs, Oct 19

Wordly Wise List 1

 Dialogue:  Snapshots and Thought-shots 

Evaluate the outcome of the Continental Congress by watching Acts III and IV of Madison Foundation film Constitutional Convention as Four Act Play
Fri, Oct 20

 Quiz Wordly Wise List 1

Model:  The Great Rat Hunt 

Analyze the story for both structure and style (humorous tone, pacing techniques, and descriptive writing techniques).   

 Explain how the Constitution deals with the dilemma of slavery by watching Madison Foundation video clip from Constitutional Convention